#ShareGratitude – Black Friday


Included in our final #ShareGratitude post today:  Black Friday, Sisters, Friends, Bling, Sales & Giveaways (and yes, somehow these all tie together!)

Black Friday, Sisters, Friends

I know a lot of people aren’t fans of Black Friday.  For me, it’s a special day.  Right after this post goes live, I will head out shopping with my two sisters and two girlfriends.  This year we are headed to northern NH to shop the outlet stores and quaint downtown shops of North Conway.  It’s not so much about the shopping; it’s more about girl time.  We spend one night at a nice motel and enjoy eating out and visiting.  We don’t go for the special sales, we go for this simple reason:  Everyone has the day off from work, we can shop for two days and we still have a day at home before having to go back to work.  It also leaves December weekends open for other Christmas activities.  I am grateful for what is now an annual tradition that we look forward to every year.

Friends, Bling, Sales

Today I also feel grateful for other friends – my pet blogger friends.  Even though I haven’t met any of you in person yet, you have become important to me.  This group of people is not competitive as you might expect; they are supportive, helpful, and caring.  I am also so grateful for every person that comes by to read this blog, I consider you all my friends as well.

In that spirit, for those of you who are staying home on this crazy shopping weekend, I want to share a couple of blogger friends’ businesses, and let you know about some sales and giveaways.  Since Thanksgiving is over and we can officially think about Christmas now, I’m thinking about bling.  Christmas is a sparkly time, with silver, gold, and colorful decorations.  I try not to be materialistic, but I do love some pretty jewelry.  Even though I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt type of girl, when I go out I like to dress up.  These days when I dress up I like some of my jewelry to reflect my love of animals.  Luckily I have two great places to find that kind of bling, along with some other pet related items.

Beagle bracelets!

Beagle bracelets!

I’ve shared For Love of a Dog jewelry on my blog before.  I’ve bought jewelry there, won some from other sites, and even given some away.  Each piece of Sue’s jewelry is handmade and unique.  She offers a variety of jewelry as well as ornaments, dog leash holders, and more.  All products include free shipping to USA addresses.  Sue is having a huge sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  On top of the already discounted prices, you can use our own discount code:  WAGNWOOF (case sensitive). By providing this code at checkout you will receive an additional 10% off your order ($24 minimum purchase).  This code is good until midnight 12/31/14!

for love of dog jewelrygolden approved

dog toys3 pet signsI’ve also shared beautiful jewelry that I bought from my friend Jenna’ s Pawz & Clawz store.  Jenna is in business with her mother and they sell handmade jewelry as well as other items for pet lovers, such as our favorite Damien’s Best dog toys and wood crafted pet signs and blocks.  Almost all of their products are customizable, and shipping is a flat $4.00 worldwide.   They are currently running a promo where you can have an item gift wrapped and mailed to wherever you would like.  Many of us have out of town friends and family, so this is a great idea!   Also watch for a 12 days of Christmas sale event starting on Monday!



More Sales & Giveaways


I also want to remind you that 4Knines is having a huge sale today through Monday on their automobile cargo covers and seat covers and their dog bed liners.  Everyone with pets needs one of these to help keep their car and home clean!  We are also giving away a cargo cover and if you haven’t entered yet, click here to be taken to the giveaway page.  Our giveaway ends Sunday at midnight so time is running out!


Petcam cover


In addition we are giving away this great book PETCAM by Chris Keeney.  Click here to read my review and enter to win your own copy!  This giveaway is open through Wednesday night.  This book would make a great stocking stuffer.



Last but not least, the huge Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers begins on Monday. Stayed tuned for 24 days of giveaways.  If you follow us on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ you will be able to find links to each day’s giveaways on there, and some will also be right here on the blog, as well as at Kol’s Notes (where all the giveaways are hosted), Heart Like a Dog, Dogthusiast and NEPA Pets.  Come join the fun and see what you can win!

Advent for dogs post 2

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Happy Thanksgiving! #ShareGratitude


Today we are grateful for family, whether human or furry, near or far, we will be thinking of everyone.  We will be going to one of my niece’s for dinner.  The best part is that they only live about 5 miles away from us, so we don’t have to travel far, and the pets only have to be left home alone for a few hours.

The dogs wanted you to see that they got the snow they were hoping for, and the cats wanted you to know they still have cozy places to snuggle and hide away from it!  The photos on the card below were taken when the snow first started yesterday.  This morning we woke up to over a foot on the ground.  The dogs are acting like kids on Christmas…..Cricket has been staring at the balls wanting to play ever since they got up with my hubby at 5am this morning, and they would not go back to sleep like they often do after their breakfast!  We made them wait until it at least got light out, and I am throwing the ball from the house into the yard as I write this.  They are all having a blast romping in the snow.

We are grateful we have power this morning, many across our state don’t, and we feel for the road and power crews that have to be out there working on Thanksgiving.  Hopefully they can go home to their families soon.


We hope all of you have safe travels if you are traveling, and that you enjoy your day with family, friends, and loved ones! 

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PETCAM Book Review & Giveaway

Petcam cover

PETCAM, The World Through the Lens of Our Four-Legged Friends

by Chris Keeney

Copyright 2014 by Princeton Architectural Press

144 pages with almost 100 photographs


I know many of you are familiar with PetCams – the lightweight digital cameras you can attach to your pets’ collar or harness.  They automatically take photos from your pets’ point of view.  This book is a collection of just such photos taken by a variety of pets and farm animals from all around the world.

Astro, a Chihuahua from San Diego

Astro, a Chihuahua from San Diego


Each group of photos has an introduction to the “photographer”, with photo – dogs, cats, pigs, cows, chickens, and more!  The descriptions are amusing statements about each animals’ artistic style and philosophies, and many of the photos have humorous quotes describing the shots.

Some of Astro's "work".

Some of Astro’s “work”.

One of my favorites is Coulee, a border collie/golden retriever mix from Canada, who includes a photo of his human cleaning up after him (with his tongue hanging out at the top of the photo as he watches).  His quote reads:  Who doesn’t get a thrill from watching another creature clean up your own poo?  I’m holding on to this one for blackmail purposes.”

Fritz, a tabby cat from Germany.

Fritz, a tabby cat from Germany.

One of Fritz's photos.

One of Fritz’s photos.

Hamlet & Walter, two miniature potbellied pigs from San Diego, share some beach photos.  Did you know potbellied pigs hung out on the beach?  I didn’t!  Walter shares a photo of Hamlet, “nosing for clams.  Oh, wait a second.  Hamlet…?  “Ham”-let…!  All these years together, and I just got that!”

There’s more to this book than just the photos though.  The author also provides advice for purchasing and using your own PetCam, should you decide to do so.  I’ve always thought it would be fun, but even more so now!  In addition, he tells the history of putting cameras on animals, which dates back to 1908 when a German photographer and inventor put one on a passenger pigeon.

I loved this little book, it just brought a smile to my face over and over, and who doesn’t need that?  At the size of 6″ x 6″, I think it would make a perfect stocking stuffer for your animal loving friends.  It would fit nicely right on your end table or coffee table, and give your company (and yourself) something to flip through and chuckle over.

You can purchase this book directly from the publisher, through this link.  It is also available through other book sellers.  I believe it is available in digital versions, but I think a book like this needs to be in hand!

About the author:  Chris Keeney is a professional photographer from San Diego.  He also wrote another book Pinhole Cameras – a DIY Guide.

Giveaway!  The publisher has generously offered my readers a chance to win this book for themselves, and I am authorized to give away 5 copies!  Whether you would like it for yourself, or to give as a Christmas gift, enter the easy Rafflecopter below for your chance to win (I kept this one simple).  This giveaway is open to everyone 18 years of age or older, and void where prohibited by law.  It will be open until Wednesday December 3rd at 11:59 pm.

*Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.  I was in no other way compensated, and Wag ‘n Woof Pets only shares products we feel will be of interest to our readers.

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Where’s the Snow? #ShareGratitude

Cricket byline

by Cricket Keefe


The cats had their turn yesterday, so today I’m elected, as the oldest dog, to tell you about a couple things that we pups are grateful for!  The first is snow, and the second is treats, and believe it or not, these things tie together.  How you ask?  Well, let me start from the beginning of the story…..

We dogs love the snow, and I especially get very excited when the first big snow of the season arrives.  Momz loves to see me racing around the yard in excitement, and we can’t wait to see how Luke reacts this year as well.  Last week we got some snow, but just a little bit:

First snowEven that didn’t last.  Here is Luke looking for the snow, wondering where it went?

Where did the snow go??

Where did the snow go??

He couldn’t find the snow, but he did find some Snowflakes.

What are these?  Snowflakes?!

What are these? Snowflakes?!

SnowflakesWhat are these?  They are Vanilla Snowflake Flavor treats from Fruitables!  They are the first and only treats made with real snowflakes!  Yes, real snow from the Rocky Mountains.  What else is good about these treats (other than the fact that they’re yummy)?  The other first ingredients are pumpkin granola and yogurt, and they are 100% natural and made in the USA.  Each snowflake has only 9 calories each…which is something the Momz loves (we do too because that means we can have more).*

So pretty!  We wondered if each one is unique though?

So pretty! We wondered if each one is unique though?


Trying to catch a snowflake!

Trying to catch a snowflake!

Did you get one yet?

Did you get one yet?

Each bag has 300 crunchy snowflakes, but you have to hurry to get your own….they are limited edition, available for the holidays only!  We think these would make great stocking stuffers for your doggie friends and family.

Anticipation and enjoyment.

Anticipation and enjoyment.

So while we are waiting for our first real snow, we are enjoying these treats.  We are expecting a good size storm tomorrow, so we hope to have some photos of us playing in the snow for our Thanksgiving post!

Hey, Momz, maybe if we get lots of snow we can harvest some and make our own snowflake treats?!

Kobi enjoying the snow early in 2013.

Kobi enjoying the snow early in 2013.

From the Momz:  I don’t know about that, Cricket!  I just wanted to add that I haven’t always been a big fan of the snow as an adult.  But over the last few years, because of the dogs, I have come to enjoy it much more (as long as I don’t have to drive in it).  I spent most of the winters hibernating up until a couple of years ago when Kobi and I (with a little help from the girls) did the Idita-Walk.  Last year sadly Kobi wasn’t up to snowshoeing anymore, but Luke joined our family so I spent a lot of time out in the snow with our new puppy and his sisters, playing fetch.  I am grateful for the fact that the dogs get me out there in the fresh air almost every day, and this year I am even hoping for more snow so I can get my snowshoes out and take Luke for the first time through the woods in the snow (and the girls as well of course).

*Disclaimer:  We were provided one bag of Fruitables Snowflakes in exchange for our honest review.  We were not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are our own.

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#ShareGratitude Week – Day 1


I had a review and giveaway planned for today, but ran into a glitch.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share that at some point this week, but I was left with an empty spot in my schedule.  I don’t always plan ahead of time, so when I do, I don’t handle changes to my plans very well!  I had just read about this Share Gratitude blog hop and wanted to participate but this time had my week planned before I saw it.  So I took Sheba for a walk, and formulated a new plan.  I’m grateful for the warm day we had today which made for great walking weather and a chance to clear my head and regroup!

Our whole crew will be sharing all week about different things we are each grateful for.  Today the two oldest siblings – felines Conrad and Samantha will tell you about a couple of things they are grateful for!

Thanks, Mom!  Conrad is the shy one, so I, Samantha will tell you what we are grateful for.  Our first of our top two things is our wonderful cozy home with lots of warm places to sleep.  One of my favorites is the laundry basket, and one of Conrad’s is in the dog/cat bed in front of the wood stove.

Sam in her favorite "bed".

Sam in her favorite “bed”.

How warm and cozy when the woodstove is going, and even better when the sun is streaming in the window as well!

How warm and cozy when the woodstove is going, and even better when the sun is streaming in the window as well!

We are also grateful that we always have lots to eat and full bellies!  As you can see, Conrad really gets focused on eating….he can’t even be bothered to look at the Momz’ camera!

Conrad 1

WinningsWe’re grateful Momz has her blog, because it means she gets to enter lots of good giveaways, and she recently won something for us!  We got this great prize pack from Oz the Terrier and Hill’s Science Diet.  There was a nice new dish and 8 cans of grain free cat food.  That tote bag will come in handy for the Momz.  Thanks so much to Oz and Hill’s!  Oh, and guess what?  Tote bags make great beds too!

Sam 1

I’ll pretty much lie on anything I can find. I’m just waiting to get some of that food here.

From the Momz:  We are grateful to have these two beautiful cats in our lives, and that we are able to provide a comfortable home and healthy diet for them.  They provide us with love and companionship in return!

Share gratitude badgeThis blog hop is hosted by Cascadian Nomads, the aforementioned Oz the Terrier, Loved by a Collie, and Kitty Cat Chronicles. They will be sharing about what they are grateful for all week long, and other bloggers are encouraged to share posts and link up each day they do.  Readers and followers are encouraged to share thankful stories and photos in the comments or on social media.  You may use the hashtag #ShareGratitude so everyone can be inspired by each other’s gratefulness.

Black & White Sunday – This I Missed


I have to admit that when I went away last weekend, I didn’t mind getting a break from playing fetch in the yard with the dogs.  I didn’t miss being door person or tripping over the cats in the kitchen.  It was really nice to have a whole bed to myself and all the leg room I needed.

But this, this I missed.

20141019_072835I love staying in bed on weekend mornings with a cup of coffee and the company of the dogs and my hubby, watching the news and just watching them play.  I think they enjoy this time as well.

Missing u

I’ll be going away again next weekend, but at least only for Friday and Saturday, so on Sunday morning I’ll wake up in my own bed and get to see these faces.

Missing 2

There truly is no place like home.

Seat cover

Have you entered our giveaway for a 4Knines Luxury Cargo Cover for your SUV?  Click here to read our review and enter to win!  We have another giveaway coming up tomorrow as well!


Thank you to Sugar the Golden Retriever and Dachshund Nola for hosting the Black and White Sunday blog hop.  Please visit them and other blogs through the links below.

Clicker Training – A Positive Experience (Part 3) – Shaping

In Part 1 I wrote about how we started out, and in Part 2 I wrote about how we had found out Luke was reactive.

In his bed on command.

In his bed on command.

Our first few classes were spent working on clicker basics and the commands “sit”, “lie down”, “stay”, and “here”.  Luke did very well with all of those.  We had originally signed up for 3 classes and they gave us a 4th free, so we signed up for two additional classes because we knew there was more we wanted to learn and accomplish.

Our trainer Dave wanted to try what he called “shaping”, which I believe is similar to what they call “targeting”.  This training is done in steps to reinforce a desired action such as going to a bed, ringing a bell to go out, opening doors, and fun things like getting a beer from the fridge (which my nephew’s dog can actually do!).  We wanted to use it to get Luke to go to his bed, in the hopes we could get him to settle down when people come over (he barks at everyone), and I also wanted to keep him out of the kitchen when I’m cooking.  Our beagle Kobi had always been under my feet when I was cooking, and though I knew it was a bad idea, I let him do it.  Luke took that over and I probably encouraged it by giving him and the other dogs a nibble sometimes.  I’ll write more next time about all the bad habits we had that we’ve had to learn to break!

free standing target

Photo from cleanrun.com which sells agility tools and other dog supplies.

We used a tool, seen to the left here, called a freestanding target.  These are used in agility, and Dave used it because it was handy there!  The idea is to get the dog to touch the target with his nose.  This is done in steps; click & treat when he steps towards it, then click & treat when he looks at it, then when he actually touches the top with his nose.  Each step is done a few times, and as you move on, you withhold the click and treat, trying to get them to try something else.  My husband worked with Luke on this, with Dave instructing, and Luke caught on very quickly.  In only a  matter of a few minutes, he had Luke touching the base of the target instead of the top!

That was one time we saw Dave get really excited, and he said “Luke is really smart!”  It makes a pet parent so proud to hear those words!  We tried to move on from there with working towards getting Luke to lie down on a rug.   This time I was doing the training, and it didn’t go nearly as well!  I wasn’t quick enough to see him looking and we didn’t get far.  Luke may have been getting tired by that point too, so we gave it up for that night.

At home my husband worked with Luke on targeting his bed (I tried too but didn’t do as well), and it didn’t take long before Luke was going to his bed and sitting or lying down on command, with just the word “bed”!  The steps are walk towards the bed, look at it, touch it, put a paw on it, etc. until he got to sitting on it completely.

In the next class we worked on someone knocking at the door and getting him to stay in his bed until he was given a command we chose “say hi” and he could come greet the person and get a treat.  We needed to work on this at home and then get people to come over to put it to the test.  Our first trial run with “strangers” didn’t go nearly as well as we hoped.  I will fill you in on that in Part 4.  But I will say that it is working well at keeping him out of the kitchen.  He isn’t perfect yet, but he’s getting better.  There’s even been times where I’ve gone into the kitchen to do something and he’s gone right to his bed without me even telling him to (but the norm right now is that I need to send him back more than once)!

We've worked on "leave it" on our own as well.

We’ve worked on “leave it” on our own as well.

I moved the treats closer.  He's funny sometimes that he refuses to even look at them!

I moved the treats closer. He’s funny sometimes that he refuses to even look at them!

When I say "treat!" he can take them.  Hopefully it's worth the wait!

When I say “treat!” he can take them. Hopefully it’s worth the wait!

We’ve also been working on “heel” and loose leash walking, which is very challenging (more on that soon as well), but Luke and I just had a great walk yesterday where he did very well with that.  I was so excited, and it helped me to feel better after our less than successful greeting test last week.

Parting thoughts and advice based on our experience.  I’m not an expert – you should always consult a trainer for expert advice:

  • There are a lot of highs and lows to training!  We’ve had really good times and really bad.  I need to remind myself that we need to be consistent and persistent, and not to get discouraged.
  • Luke is still young and I think we need to remember that too.  I believe we’re building some basics here that can only get better as he matures.
  • Training can be fun and rewarding!  There’s nothing like watching your dog think and figure things out, and hearing a professional say that your dog is smart!

In Part 4 I will tell you exactly how our unsuccessful greeting at the door session went, and about the challenges of breaking old bad habits!

fitDogFriday_180x150Training is good for a dog’s mind and body, and helps their overall fitness.  We’re happy to be joining the FitDog Friday blog hop.  Thank you to our blog hop hosts SlimDoggy, To Dog With Love and MyGBGVLife.  Please visit their sites and others through the links below to learn more about keeping your dogs fit and happy!

An SUV Cargo Cover for All Seasons #seatcovers4Knines

*Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by 4Knines and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network.  I am being compensated for helping spread the word about 4Knines products but Wag ‘n Woof Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  4Knines is not responsible for the content of this article.

We don’t travel a lot with our dogs, but when we do take them places, it’s usually dirty, wet, and messy.  In the summer we take them swimming, in the winter we take them snowshoeing, spring is mud season here in New England, and we walk on dirt trails year round.

We love our SUV for traveling with the dogs.  We put the back seat down and they have plenty of room to lie down.  Our vehicle has a nice rubber mat in the way back, but the backs of the seats are carpeted, and the dogs usually want to lie down there right behind us, they don’t stay on the rubber mat (it can’t be comfortable).  So when we get home we have a car filled with dirt and dog fur.

4kanines_logoWhen we got the opportunity to try out a 4Knines SUV Cargo Liner, I was excited!  4Knines was started by Jim and Maggie, a husband and wife team who had their two “rough and tumble Dobermans in mind.”  They focus on delivering high quality products and excellent customer service. All of their products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  Their motto is “Nothing but the best for your best friend!”  4Knines donates $1 to the ASPCA for every unit sold, and they also support many other pet advocacy groups.  .

IMGP4796This cargo cover delivers the high quality they promise.  It is made of durable waterproof material, and quilted for comfort.  It is easy to install – I usually have my hubby do things like that because I have no patience with figuring them out – but I installed this easily on my own in no time.  The liner has side flaps and a bumper protector, to give complete coverage and protection from scratches on the bumper.  I also like how you can install it two different ways – either attached to the front seats to provide a barrier between the seats, or completely flat.  The headrest straps are reinforced, and the backing is non-slip.

Getting ready to go.

Getting ready to go. Yes, Cricket jumped right over…I need to pull it up higher to try to keep them in the back.

Come on, you girls, lie down, so we can go!

Come on, you girls, lie down, so we can go!

Sheba is settled in and ready!

Sheba is settled in and ready!

I am a gardener as well and this cover can be used to protect my vehicle when transporting plants, bales of straw, and other gardening products.  It has a lifetime warranty.

It’s Christmas shopping time and 4Knines is having a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale!  All products will be 20% off through their own website and Amazon as well.

Giveaway!  In addition, I am able to offer one of these covers to one lucky reader.  You will be able to pick out the size and color you’d like, and please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter.  The giveaway is open to USA residents only, age 18 or older.  Void where prohibited by law.  It is open until Sunday November 30th at 11:59 pm.   Good luck!

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Wordless Wednesday – King of Comfort


Luke moves around a lot at night; sometimes he’s on the bed with us, sometimes he’s on the floor cooling off, sometimes he’s on the dog bed on the floor.  But he never looks quite as comfortable as when he is in the chair by the window.

Luke chair

Please excuse the quality of the photos – they were taken at night with my cell phone.  I knew if I moved off the bed, he would move, so I did the best I could.

Luke chair 2

These were taken at three different times (you might notice we got a new cover for the chair).

Luke chair 3

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Monday Mischief – Don’t Eat That!


I’ve written plenty about Luke’s toy destruction, but not too much about his counter surfing, and his bad habit of picking up anything and everything and sometimes eating it.  Along with “please don’t eat that!” you’ll hear a lot of “leave it” and “trade” around here, which sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t.

So when Petplan pet insurance asked me if I would share their “Eat This, Not That” poison guide, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do so and tell a bit about Luke’s escapades in this department.  First of all, I’ll say that so far we’ve been lucky, knock wood, that he hasn’t eaten anything dangerous.  Yet.  That we know of.  My biggest fear is that we’ll end up in the ER with him sooner or later.  He may have already eaten something that we don’t know about, and it’s just sitting inside him waiting to cause problems.  Ugh.


A little preview of the guide.

Our screen porch has been under construction recently, being changed over to a four season porch.  Do you know how sloppy contractors are?  I thoroughly scour the yard after they leave and yet somehow Luke has still found screws, pieces of siding, wood, insulation, etc, etc.  I don’t think he ate any of those things.  I’m pretty sure I should just have the treat pouch as part of my wardrobe though, so I always have a “trade” handy.  He likes to turn it all into a game of chase, so we’ve had to learn not to buy into that.

This potato is the least worrisome thing he's stolen off the kitchen counter!

This potato is the least worrisome thing he’s stolen off the kitchen counter!

You can see him looking at me, just knowing I’m going to take it away!

Last Sunday he really had me pulling my hair out.  Construction is about over, so that’s not an issue any more.  Instead he spent his day getting into anything else he could find in the house.  I try to be diligent about leaving things out of his reach, but I can get preoccupied and be forgetful sometimes.  Here is a list of the things I had to “trade” for, just in that one day:

  • a roll of toilet paper from the upstairs bathroom
  • my hubby’s boot (he thought covering them with his sweatshirt would work, it didn’t)
  • a sock that I don’t even know where it came from
  • a dish cloth from a drawer I accidentally left open
  • a dust cloth from the cabinet I accidentally left open when I was chasing him down trying to get the packet of glaze for our cinnamon buns that he stole off the counter.
  • My vegetable scrubber brush.
  • Then there was the cardboard from the flooring boxes my husband thought he could leave under the deck.  We were sitting on our newly finished porch and couldn’t figure out what the noise was we were hearing from outside!

I can’t believe I had any hair left after that day.  By far though, Luke’s favorite things are tissues, napkins, toilet paper, or paper towels that he steals from anywhere he can find them.  Those he will not trade off, because I don’t know, I guess they’re yummy?  He defiantly chews and swallows before I can get him to trade or leave it.

PetPlan dogPetplan’s guide tells many stories of things that pets have eaten and just how dangerous some things can be.  It’s a great primer with lots of cute illustrations (like that cute one to the left), and it thoroughly covers household and seasonal hazards, as well as signs and symptoms to watch out for (definitely need to know for us).

It’s not just dogs though.  Our late cat Katie looked with disdain on this fun toy I bought her, but she used to love to play with the caps off Katie toya milk jug, and also the plastic strip you pull off when first opening it.  We thought she just played with those strips, until I came home one day and found one upchucked on the kitchen floor!

I am keeping Petplan’s guide saved to my favorites, because I have a feeling I’d better keep that information close by.  So, what do your pets get into?

*Disclaimer:  I am not being compensated in any way by Petplan.   They asked if I would share their guide, and I thought it was a valuable resource for my readers’ to know about.

Coming soon!

Advent Calendar


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