Wordless Wednesday – K9 Huddle

K9 Huddle

Or maybe it should look like this?

K9 Huddle Football

I don’t know much about football, who would be the quarterback in these photos?

K9 Huddle 2

Come back on FitDog Friday to find out more about how we’re trying to keep fit this fall!

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Tuesday’s Tails – Meet Meshach

Tues tailsWelcome to the Tuesday’s Tails Blog hop, hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs“This blog hop features shelter animals.  Find a cat, dog, rabbit or other animal at a local shelter or rescue and feature them on this blog hop!  Come join the fun and help a furry friend find a forever home.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to visit the other blogs and share their animals that need forever homes on your social media sites.  Please spread the word!

Before sharing today’s adoptable dog, a few updates:  Deeks, the black Lab mix we shared in late July, has been adopted!
However, Kyra (a cat at Best Friends Animal Society), Mocha-Chino (a pit bull mix), and Sasha ( AKA Tsunami – a beagle mix) are still in need of homes.  You can click right on their names to be taken to the post for more information.

Today we are sharing Meshach, an English setter and blue heeler mix (the rescue and a vet’s best guess).  Meshach was rescued in late April from a high kill shelter along with several other puppies.  He was believed to be about 12 weeks old at the time of rescue, so I estimate Meshach is probably about 8 months old now.  You can find out more on his Adopt-A-Pet page by clicking here.


His adoption fee has been reduced and includes the following:

  • He is neutered
  • Up to date on vaccines
  • Micro-chipped
  • USDA health certificate and transport fee included

Meshach is currently in the care of For Dog’s Sake Rescue, which is based in Manchester, New Hampshire. For Dog’s Sake Rescue finds homes for animals from AR, AL, and MS.  They are a small “grass roots” organization which also pull dogs from local shelters who are in danger of euthanasia.   You can find contact and further information on their Facebook page or website, where you can also find their adoption application.

Please share and help this handsome guy find a happy home!

Sunday Selfies Silliness & Blog Hop

Sunday Selfies


We thought we’d do something different and be a little silly today – so we’re  joining in on the Sunday Selfies blog hop hosted by The Cat on My Head.  


Uh-oh, it looks like Luke and I are crashing this mostly kitty party!  Oh, phew, we see our friend Dakota from Dakota’s Den, so Luke is not the only puppy at this party!

SS 1 SS 2

Luke and I are having our Sunday morning snuggles here.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend…..don’t forget to snuggle with your pets too! 

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Caring for Critters – Challenges of a Senior Dog

Caring-For-Critters2-200This post is part of the Caring For Critters Round Robin which was created by Jodi at Heart Like A Dog.  Each day a different blogger will be sharing their experiences with a particular injury, condition, disease or illness. Since it is a “Round Robin” one blog will pass the baton, so to speak, to the next each day.  Yesterday Jen at My Brown Newfies shared her story of her dog Sherman’s torn ACL .  At the end of this post, I will pass the baton on to the next blogger so you can follow from blog to blog.  Jodi is also gathering all of the posts here for quick reference.

Kobi’s Story

Our beagle Kobi was our first dog to make it to being a senior, and he lived to be over 13 years old.  Before him our next oldest dog had only lived to 8.  Kobi was very healthy up until he was about 12, and then we started to learn about some different issues that senior dogs can have to deal with.

Kobi in his younger years: above, at home, and below at camp.

Kobi in his younger years: above, at home, and below at camp.

Kobi’s first big issue was weakness in his hind legs.  We started to notice him slipping and sliding on our wood and tile floors.  We took him to the vet where he had a thorough check up as well as blood work and x-rays.  Everything came back normal, and even though our vet said a spinal issue was a possibility, he felt it was more just due to old age and advised us to watch for any worsening.  We never really saw significant worsening, thank goodness.  He started to get a sore spot between two of his toes, which I felt was from splaying of his toes when trying to get traction.

Here are some of the things we did to make things easier for him:

  • We put carpeted stair treads on our wooden staircases in the house.
  • He started wearing rubber booties for walking, and slipper socks in the house.
  • We treated the sore spot between his toes with coconut oil.
  • His walks became shorter but we tried to walk more often.

All of these things helped and the weakness never became a significant problem for him.  He was a tough guy anyway, and if he slipped a bit and fell, he just picked himself back up and kept going.

Another issue he had was runny eyes.  Again, he went to the vet and everything was ruled out, leaving seasonal allergies as the probable cause.  We started using an all-natural eye rinse, and even though his eyes were often squinty, they didn’t seem to be significantly uncomfortable for him.  His eyes never really got better, other than for a short time, after allergy season was over, so we tend to also think that the runny eyes were just another symptom of his age.

Kobi in his slipper socks, with his squinty and runny eyes.

Kobi in his slipper socks, with his squinty and runny eyes.

One thing we always noticed as Kobi aged was that he slept more often, and he slept more soundly.  I have heard this from other people with seniors and I think that is a normal sign of aging, and even though he gave us a start more than once (when we had difficulty waking him), we just had to get used to that.  We believe his hearing was diminished as well, which probably also contributed to the ability to sleep so deeply.

If you would like to read more detail about any of these issues and how we dealt with them, I wrote a post summer of 2013 – Living & Learning – Seniors.

Earlier this year, Kobi had an on and off appetite for a bit before ultimately refusing to eat completely.  We added different things to his food to entice him to eat more, and that always worked, up until he was refusing a meal even with extras.  That’s when we took him to our vet.  Our vet was concerned because Kobi had lost some weight, and he did x-rays right off.   The x-rays revealed inflammation of his liver and kidneys.  The doctor wanted to do blood work to rule out leptospirosis.  There were issues with their machine reading the blood, and it couldn’t be tested at their office, so it had to be sent out.  In the days of awaiting the results, Kobi stopped eating completely, and nothing we could do would entice him.  The results finally came back negative for lepto, and showed signs that his liver and kidneys were failing.  By then, we knew we were looking at the end anyway.  A beagle that won’t eat or drink has very likely reached his time.

Even though I second guessed ourselves for not taking him to the vet when his appetite started to change, I don’t really think we would have done anything different.  At Kobi’s age, even if tests had revealed cancer weeks earlier (which was a possibility, though we’ll never know for sure) I doubt we would have put him through any treatment.  That is a personal decision for everyone of course.  Kobi ended up dying peacefully at home, just as he wanted to.

My advice for anyone that has a senior pet is just to make the best of all the time you have with them.  If you see a symptom you are unsure of, a visit to the vet is probably warranted.  We made a few that turned up nothing, but to us it was worth it for peace of mind.  When we started to see more and more signs of Kobi’s aging, we took just him for a special trip apple picking, which was the fall before we lost him.  We continued to go for walks even as they got to be more difficult for him.  They were slow, rambling walks, but he loved to get out and sniff things. The week before he fell extremely ill, I had taken him for a nice walk out in the snow and he loved it.  The weekend before he left us we took him for a car ride, which he always loved.  Now we have a lot of very special memories of his final months, weeks, and then days with us.

Kobi apples

Please keep in mind, I am not a vet and this is not advice on how to handle issues with a senior pet, this is just my experience, and what worked or didn’t work for me.  Always consult your veterinarian before choosing any course of treatment.

Tomorrow’s Caring For Critters Round Robin is going to be hosted by Dawn of NEPA Pets who will be writing about gallbladder mucoceles.

See Beautiful as Summer Winds Down


Autumn rolled in on a wave of storms last weekend.  The temperatures dropped as the rain pulled out, and you could feel summer fading away.  Left behind were clouds, and then the colors of fall seemed to reveal themselves in the early September sky.



Summer hasn’t left completely yet, however.  There are still late summer flowers in our memorial garden, which hadn’t yet revealed themselves when I first shared the garden back in July.

The Fuschia died off but came back to life again!

The Fuschia died off but came back to life again.

The Snapdragons finally came into bloom, and the Torenia joined in as well.  I have always loved Snapdragons, and the Torenia I first planted last year….they are delicate and beautiful little flowers that fill out into lovely little bunches.



IMGP4378 IMGP4377

Torenia in purple, white....

Torenia in purple, white….

and pink.

and pink.

The memorial garden and winding down of summer bring to mind happy memories of our beautiful pets who are honored in that garden, with their tags hanging on the trellis.

Tasha and Miss Bones.

Tasha and Miss Bones.

Maggie May.

Maggie May.

Maggie and me on a hike many summers ago.

Maggie and me on a hike many, many summers ago.

And these visitors have been paying more visits to our yard….last time we saw these two young ones they were still with their Mama, but I didn’t see her when I took this photo!


Goodbye to summer and hello to autumn….the changing of the seasons is truly a beautiful event that touches the soul.

see beauty


Thank you to Sugar the Golden Retriever for letting us join in this blog hop.  The idea of this hop is to share about something that made your day, week, or month, even season, inspiring you in seeing beauty.  Sugar was inspired by the See Beautiful blog.

Wordless Wednesday – Our New Friend Dixie


Please say hello to our new friend Dixie.  Dixie belongs to our follower and friend Edie who won our treat giveaway back in August.

Dixie 1

Dixie is 4 years old and came from a rescue in Georgia.  She is a very intelligent German shepherd/border collie mix.  She was certainly smart enough to dive right into the Jones Natural Chews beef center bone that she won from us!

Dixie 2

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3 More Paws Up for Three Paws Up

3 Paw logoWhen Amy Iaciofano started her pet treat business, Three Paws Up, the first taste test was done by her mother’s 3 dogs, and the consensus was….three paws up!  Thus her business name was born.  Her own black lab, Bella, had helped her through some dark times after a huge loss in her family, and she wanted to return the favor by providing Bella with treats made from quality ingredients, and most importantly, with love.


When Amy offered us a chance to try her Peanut Butter Banana treats, our crew here was happy to give their opinion, which of course was also….three paws up!  How could we go wrong with the only ingredients being products that we could find in our own kitchen cabinet?  As much as I’d like to bake for my dogs more often, I just don’t always have the time, so it’s nice to know I can purchase some treats that are hand made in the USA with organic ingredients.

These are all the ingredients in these treats, along with filtered water.

These are all the ingredients in these treats, along with filtered water (these are not necessarily the brand names Amy uses, they are just what I had in my cabinet).

The packaging is eco-friendly, as well as being easy to open and re-seal as well.  The treats have just the right amount of crunch…they are not too hard and can also be snapped in half for smaller portions.

Three expectant faces!

Three expectant faces!

Luke waits patiently for his turn while Sheba samples.

Luke waits patiently for his turn while Sheba samples.

Sheba doesn't look as patient waiting for her second one, does she?

Sheba doesn’t look as patient waiting for her second one, does she?

Three Paws Up’s mission is to provide quality treats made with love, to help dogs in need, and to promote adoption.  Amy is currently running a promotion on her Facebook page to do just that.  For every new like she receives for her page, she will donate .50 to an animal shelter (up to $100.00)!  You can also nominate your favorite shelter to receive the donation.  When the promo is up, one shelter named will be chosen randomly.  So if you have a minute go on over and like her page, and leave a comment tagging your favorite shelter.

Let go, Mom!!!

Let go, Mom!!!

Oh, and don’t forget to go to her website and order some treats!  In addition to the Peanut Butter Banana, there are pumpkin, appleberry,  tilapio honey (made with locally sourced fresh tilapia!) and other flavors to choose from.

Below is a photo of Bella, Amy’s 4 year old black Lab and a newer addition to the family, Linus, a Boston terrier mix.  Amy also has a brand new son, Liam Kenneth, who was just born in August!  Family is very important to Amy, and that’s the kind of business person we like to support.

Adorable Bella and Linus.

Adorable Bella and Linus.

*Disclaimer:  We received one bag of complimentary treats but were in no other way compensated for this review.  All opinions here are my own, and I only share honest reviews of products that I feel will be of interest to our readers.*

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Post-Birthday Recap!


It turns out I might not have been so mischievous after all….I think Cricket was pretty happy with how her birthday turned out.  The leftovers from the cookout lasted a good part of the week, and they were all pretty happy about that!  Cricket wanted to share some photos of the birthday fun she and her siblings had:

OK, Momz, I will officially issue a retraction that you made mischief on my birthday weekend!  To start it off, on my birthday eve, we all got leftover chicken and fresh corn added to our kibble!Chicken dinner

On my actual birthday, we got STEAK added to our supper!  Here’s Mom preparing it for us.  Do you see that darn Sam trying to sneak in there and steal some??  Trust me, she’s not photobombing here….she’s after the steak!  There’s your mischief maker!

Steak dinner

We got to play lots of ball, which is my absolute favorite game, and of course the pool was full to cool off in!

Play ball

Our other special treat was that we got to try watermelon for the first time!!  I ate a little bit, but truth be told, Sheba and Luke liked it better than I did.  But I ate a little bit.  Next time I’d prefer cake and ice cream, please.  Oh, and Momz had to keep telling us not to try to eat the rind!  Wow, does my face look white in that photo?  Am I starting to show my age?  Yikes!


Here I am eating my steak dinner, and you can see my nice new collar!!  It’s made from recycled plastics, so hopefully it will hold up better than my other collars to getting wet, and not get stinky.  Not that I have a problem with that, but the Momz does.

New collar

Yahoo!!  Here’s me and Sheba celebrating!!


Thank you, everyone, for all the birthday wishes over the last week!!  And thanks to Mom and Dad for a great 10th birthday!  Sheba’s will be coming up in October, so more celebrating then, PLUS it’s Luke’s first birthday too!

Don Juan


One last thing, I just want to say Happy Birthday to our late cat, Don Juan.  Donny and I shared the same birthday, so we always think of him too, even though he’s been gone almost 10 years now.  We’re not sad, he was a great cat and we have lots of happy memories of him!






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More Friday Follow-Ups


Today I have a few subjects I’ve been meaning to follow up on, though they are not necessarily related to each other!

Yard Project

Way back in the spring I filled you in on our plans to clean up our yard to try to reduce the fleas and ticks.  My last update was back in early June.  My hubby did a lot of hard work since then, clearing brush and cutting trees, and we really came a long way.  We also talked to a landscaper and he suggested using cedar oil along the fence line to kill insects (this is safe for people and pets)….we used a brand called Cedarcide, and you mix it with water and spray it around.  I’m happy to report we haven’t seen a flea or tick since spring, unless we had taken the dogs for a walk.

The woods are getting further away!

The woods are getting further away!

We didn’t care for the all natural spot on treatment we tried…it was too messy, and didn’t seem to work on the ticks.  We got a flea/tick tag to try on Cricket (Luke chews on Sheba’s tags but not Cricket’s), and I just finally got some spray to use on the other dogs for when we go on walks.  I think the ticks have slowed way down this summer, but we did find one on Samantha when she got out of the house and was outside the yard where we had sprayed.  We really feel that the yard clearing and the cedar oil have made a big difference.  We’re not sure on the other things yet, we’ll see how the fall goes, when the ticks seem to have a resurgence.

As with any home improvement project, this one snowballed….and now we have a huge area cleared out which we hope to turn into lawn and more usable yard.  We burned some of the brush last weekend for our Labor Day party, which was fun.  You can see the remnants of the burn pile, and a nice pile of firewood in the photo below.

Hopefully next year this will be usable yard!

Hopefully next year this will be usable yard!

The Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain

Some of you may remember we won a great fountain water dish at K9 Kamp, and then it later got broken.  I am so happy to report that my hubby was able to fix it, and it’s back in use!  I put it in what I hope is a safer location.  Luke still seems to be the only one using it much, but we still hope in time the other dogs and cats will as well.

Luke loves the fountain!

Luke loves the fountain!

More Winnings

I also wanted to share with you this book I won from Peggy at The Writer’s Dog.  I’d like to tell you how great it was, but I haven’t read it yet!  It’s not real long, 154 pages, so my plan is to sit down some rainy weekend autumn day and take a break from it all and just enjoy relaxing with this book.  I included the back cover so you can see what it’s about….it sounds like such a great story and I love that it takes place in our neighboring state of Vermont.




August has been a crazy busy month here, but can you believe I completely blew by our 2 year blogiversary, and almost forgot about it?  I technically started the blog on August 21st, 2012 with a “Welcome” post, but my first real post didn’t go up until September 1st, so I think of the September date as more of my anniversary.  Either way, I was just too busy with company that weekend, as well as Cricket’s birthday, to be able to make a big deal about it.  Maybe next year!

Snapleash Red

SnapLeash Giveaway

Yesterday I posted a review of this really cool leash, and we are also giving one away!  So if you haven’t read it yet, get on over and enter to win one of your own.  Click here to be taken to that post.

Cricket’s Birthday

Thank you everyone for the wishes for Cricket’s 10th birthday!  I planned to post some photos today, but this is already lengthy enough and I ended up with a lot I wanted to share!  I will post some hopefully on Monday.  I just want to say this…..Cricket is only our second dog to make it to the age of 10, and we are so grateful that she is still with us and is happy and healthy.  She is a very active girl, and I hope that will help her to live a long, long life.  We just love her so much.  Thanks to our friend Jenna from Love is Being Owned By a Husky for sending Cricket this nice card via Twitter.

Cricket bday card