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Four times per year bloggers come together to “Be the Change for Animals”.  It’s not just for bloggers…everyone is encouraged to read, share, and support causes and people helping animals.  Bloggers can write about a cause that is important to them, and readers can share comments and ideas


My very first full blog post was titled “It’d Be Easier to Be an Ostrich”.  That was well over a year ago, and a post that I’m sure not many people read, other than my family and friends who were about my only readers back then!   My title was referring to being happier keeping my head in the sand, and not knowing that laboratories routinely test cosmetic products on beagles.  It was inspired by this, seen on Facebook:

beagle blog

That picture was posted by Beagle Freedom Project.   It’s no secret to my regular readers that I am a beagle lover, we have one beagle now, and not too long ago had two.  I have been following and supporting the Beagle Freedom Project ever since that post, and you can see this on my car:

BFP bs

Beagles are the most wonderful dogs….loving and affectionate, and great companions.  As I looked into this issue further, I found out that this is one of the reasons they are used in labs for testing…..because of their friendly and trusting natures.   They are most often obtained directly from breeders who breed just for this purpose; therefore some of these dogs have never felt the grass under their feet.   This simply breaks my heart.   Is it really necessary to test on beagles (or cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice) for cosmetics, personal care, beauty aids, and cleaning products?  No, it’s not; the list of companies that don’t is long and that proves these products can be made without it.  Many of these practices are outdated and other countries already have bans on cosmetic testing, including Israel, India, and the 28 states of the European Union.   Others such as China and Brazil have changes in the works.

Beagle Freedom Project has rescued over 200 animals from laboratories since their inception in December 2010.  They have re-homed around 150 beagles, as well as cats, rabbits, a pig, a pony, and even some fish!  Their work begins with reaching out to laboratories asking for the release of their animals that would otherwise be euthanized when they are no longer needed.   It is all done legally with the cooperation of the labs.  That is only the beginning:  their ultimate goal of course is to end all animal testing.  It has to begin somewhere, and they are carefully choosing each step.


BFP is currently working on legislation in two states:  Minnesota and California.  The Beagle Freedom Bill would ensure that taxpayer funded laboratories would be required to offer up their animals that are no longer needed to rescue groups for adoption.  It would all happen at no cost to the laboratories.  It seems foolish that they can’t all do that anyway, but some have been resistant.

There is also some hopeful news on the federal level.  There is currently legislation In Congress known as the Humane Cosmetics Act.   This bill would prohibit animal testing for cosmetics manufactured or sold in the United States.  This bill is endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States as well as other groups.  It was introduced by Congressman James Morin  D -VA, and has obtained a lead Republican sponsor in Michael Grimm R-NY.   It is long overdue and needs to be passed.

It is time for an end to cruel and unnecessary tests on beagles and other animals!  What can you do to help?

If you live in Minnesota or California, you can go to BFP’s page and sign petitions letting your legislators know that you are in favor of this.  You can also sign their letter which has been sent to every laboratory in the country asking that they release their animals to BFP’s retirement, rehabilitation, and re-homing campaign.

Donate, or consider fostering or adopting a lab beagle or other animals, knowing that these animals will have many special needs in order to adapt to life in a home.  They can become loving pets and you can visit BFP’s Facebook page, as well as their website, to see many of their success stories.

Photo courtesy of Beagle Freedom Project.

Photo courtesy of Beagle Freedom Project.

Leaping bunny logo#ShopCrueltyFree    The best thing I could find to do to help was to stop buying products that are tested on animals.  Over the last year or more I have switched my household over to cruelty-free products wherever I could.  There are lists to be found in many places of companies that do and don’t test on animals, there are even phone apps, or you can just read it on the label itself.  Those companies that don’t test on animals are proud of their values and it will say on their packaging “not tested on animals”, or they display the Leaping Bunny symbol.  I’m not going to tell you that it’s been easy or always cheap to make the switch, but for me it is worth it.  In many cases, I have found better products that I have come to love.

Urge your representative to support the Humane Cosmetics ActClick here for help in doing so.  I have read on the website, a website for tracking the activities of Congress and legislation, that this bill has a very slim chance of passing, or even making it out of committee.  This is disheartening to say the least, but it highlights the reason BFP’s grass root efforts are so important.  Every small thing that is done leads to bigger things, and hopefully to the one thing many of us are hoping for #StopAnimalTesting.

Every beagle and animal deserves to have a life like this, no matter how it started out:

Our Cricket and Angel Kobi.

Our Cricket and Angel Kobi.

Sepia Saturday – Silly Sheba


If you saw my posts from earlier this week, you saw Sheba looking beautiful after her visit to the doggy spa (aka groomer at the vet’s office – but we tell her it’s the doggy spa).  Well, we didn’t make it 5 days before this happened:

You better not come up here, Sissie, Momz is not gonna be happy with you!

You better not come up here, Sissie, Momz is not gonna be happy with you!

UH-OH, what did you do???

UH-OH, what did you do???

412 4

412 1

Don’t be mad at me, Momz!



Yup, it’s mud season here!  The good thing with Sheba is that we just let her dry off and the dirt magically disappears off her.  Of course it not-so-magically re-appears on our floors and furniture (which is why we have easy to clean wood floors and a leather couch)!

For a little extra fun, see if you can find the two small photo bombs, from Cricket, who often seems to be blocked out of the photos by her larger siblings!

sepia saturday

Happy Sepia Saturday, everyone, have a great weekend!

We are joining Ruckus the Eskie for his Sepia Saturday blog hop today.  The only rules for this hop are that it be sepia related (pet or non-pet), and have fun! Grab the badge, link to the host, and join in the fun!

10 Things I Love About Cricket #WOOF Support

WoofBlogHop1_210x210We are pleased to be co-hosting the 3rd WOOF blog hop along with Oz the Terrier and Roxy the Traveling DogWOOF (Working Out Our Fears) Support is where reactive dogs and their owners can come together to share similar experiences.  Are you a reactive and/or fearful dog or its owner?  Then please join us and share your story.  The Blog Hop is open through Sunday.

The theme for this month’s hop is “What I Love About My Reactive Dog”.  Those of us with reactive dogs are often dealing with the fear, anxiety, and embarrassment of trying to keep them under control.  I imagine there are people out there who might give up on a reactive dog and find a new home for them or even take them to a shelter.  But those of us writing these posts, or those of you searching the internet for information on how to help your reactive dog, well, we wouldn’t dream of it.  Why?  Because we love our dogs so much that we will never give up on them no matter what.

For a time, let’s put away our fears and anxieties to focus on the good!  Here are the top 10 things I love about Cricket, our reactive beagle (in no particular order):

1.  Cricket is at most times the happiest little dog you will ever meet.  When she is doing something she loves, her tail is constantly wagging a mile a minute.  It makes me smile when I watch her out in the yard with her nose to the ground, tail wagging away, just happy to be there; or when she’s lying on the couch and my hubby or I approach her and her tail immediately starts wagging.

Happy girl!

Happy girl!

2.  This sweet face:

droid photos 202

IMGP3209 410

3.  Even though I know her intensity is what makes her reactive, I still love it.  She puts herself into whatever she is doing 100%!  Look at her focus on her ball (and notice the tail wag in the left photo):

4.  They might have their squabbles, but she loves her siblings.  They all play and sleep together.  She seemed subdued the day that Luke was at the vet getting neutered, and again when Sheba was at the groomer.
5.  She is teaching her new little brother all kinds of things.  Now that spring is here, the screen porch is being used a little bit again, and she is teaching Luke how to open the doors so they can go on and off the porch when they want.
6.  Her beagle bark.  All true beagle lovers adore the AROOOO of a hound dog!  If she hears or sees something in the woods outside her yard, she is down at the fence letting everyone know!
7.  Cricket is shy of strangers, but once she warms up to people she is just as loving with them as she is with us.
8.  The way she loves the sunshine….she is just as much of a sun worshipper as I am.  Actually, she just plain loves heat.  She will lay in front of the woodstove in the winter until she is panting from the heat.

002 410

9.  Her endless energy and enthusiasm for playing.  She is like the energizer bunny sometimes when it comes to playing ball, and she throws herself into the game with all she’s got.  It doesn’t matter what the season is; she loves to play in the snow, and she loves her pool when it gets warm.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

PicMonkey Collage

10.  She is a loving, affectionate girl who showers us with kisses on weekend mornings when we’re watching the news and having our coffee in bed.  I have a short video here of her with my hubby, illustrating how she expresses her love for us.  The quality isn’t the greatest, because this was taken over a year ago with my old phone.  You’ll still get the idea.

Join in!!  What is one thing you love the most about your dog?

If you have a reactive or fearful dog, please feel free to join our hop this time or in the future!  It is held the 2nd Thursday of every month.  You don’t have to be a blogger to benefit from this; we also have a Facebook support page which anyone can ask to join.  There we also share tips and stories to help and support each other.

A Special Tuesday’s Tails

Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, a day started by the ASPCA to raise awareness of this heinous crime.  Animal lovers all over are encouraged to spread the word and take action where they can.  The Tuesday’s Tails weekly blog hop today is dedicated to this cause.


When approaching this subject, I wasn’t sure what angle to come at it from.  I decided to take a look at what might be going on in my own state of New Hampshire.  I am happy to be able to say that I couldn’t find a lot of information on any dog fighting rings being broken up in my state.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening here.  I found one article from 2010 about our biggest city of Manchester.   In a city like this, with densely populated neighborhoods, it is more likely there are small groups participating in this sport in basements and other places where they won’t be overheard.  This makes them more difficult to find.

That is why citizens are encouraged to watch for the signs….scarred Pit Bulls with cropped ears, wearing heavy chain collars, could be a sign that something illegal is going on with those dogs.  These dogs don’t go to vets for care, so it is up to everyone else to watch out for it.  Dog fighting is a felony in New Hampshire as well as all 50 states and federally.  In New Hampshire it is to a felony to keep, own, or possess fighting dogs as well as be a spectator.

The federal government also continues to be aware of these crimes and to pass new legislation.  As part of the Farm Bill, that was recently passed and signed by the President, was the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act.  This Act makes knowingly attending an animal fight a crime subject to fines and jail time.  It is a separate crime to take a minor to these events, with even higher penalties.  You can find additional information on that Act here.

Because of this cruel sport, there are many, many Pit Bulls in need of homes.  They get a bad rap because of this fighting….when it is the upraising of these dogs that can turn them into fighters.  They want to please people, and they are taught that fighting is a way to do that.  In truth, they are gentle, friendly, loyal and loving animals once known as “nanny dogs”.

Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo



Today we are all sharing adoptable Pit Bulls.  Last month I shared two siblings, Angel and Honey Boo Boo, who are with the North Country SPCA in Westport, New York.  These two dogs are still looking for homes (please click on their names to be taken to their Petfinder pages).

In addition I’d like to share a Pit Bull mix named Mocha-chino who is with Eleventh Hour Rescue in Rockaway, New Jersey.

Mocha 4

Mocha-chino has her own Facebook page with over 1,000 followers yet she has still not found a home after two years.  I know she is already getting a lot of exposure through Facebook but I wanted to share her because her sweet face and her story have touched my heart.  She was happily in a temporary foster home for 6 months, but recently had to be returned to the shelter because her foster parent became ill.

Mocha 1

Mocha 2

They don’t know much about Mocha’s past, but she was left with trust issues and can take time to warm up to people.  She has some special “aunts” who will often take her on trips from the shelter, and when you see the photos of her with her aunts, you can see that her trust can be gained and she is a very loving and sweet girl.  She does need to be in a home with older children only, and no other animals.  Mocha enjoys car rides, hiking, and snuggling!



Additional info on Mocha:

  • Housebroken
  • Knows basic obedience.
  • Size:  just under 50 lbs
  • Micro-chipped
  • Guessed to be around 3 years old.
  • Lab/Pit mix

Mocha 3

You can follow Mocha on Facebook here, or visit her page at Eleventh Hour Rescue here.

Surely the right home is out there for her, perhaps a single person or a couple looking for a special companion.  Let’s hope that Mocha and all of the other Pit Bulls being shared today can be in new homes soon!




This hop is being hosted by Talking Dogs Blog, Barking from the Bayou, Lola the Pitty, Love is Being Owned by a Husky and Dogs N Pawz.  Please visit and share as many of these stories as you can.

Monday Mish Mash With a Little Mischief


Color BW

Yesterday we shared this picture for B&W Sunday (seen here in color) and Sheba asked if you could tell what was different about her.  A few people guessed correctly but for those of you who didn’t know, here’s a hint: compare the above (after) & below (before) photos.

Sheba before

Sheba is sporting a new haircut!  She went to the groomer at our vet’s office for this cut, and I am thrilled with how pretty she looks!  This is only her second time being professionally groomed, and other than being nervous, I am told she did very well.  This is a “profile cut” and just what we need to get us through mud season (provided spring ever really gets here).   She would like to show it off to you from every angle:

Front view

Front view

Rear view.

Rear view.

Pretty as a picture!

Pretty as a picture!

In further mischief, Luke was also at the vet this week - getting neutered.  Everything went very well, and he seems to be healing just fine so far.  I dropped him off at 8:30 in the morning and he was back home by 1:30!  I couldn’t believe how quickly he came out of the anesthesia; he was hardly loopy at all when he came home.  In fact, with pain meds on board he was acting pretty normal.  He ate a little bit that evening and kept it down fine.  They recommended trying him without pain meds for the 2nd day in the hopes it would slow him down.  He didn’t need the meds, he felt fine, and I was pulling my hair out trying to keep him quiet!

I tried to entertain him with his treat game during his recovery!

I tried to entertain him with his treat game during his recovery!

He did behave himself in one way so that he didn’t need to have a cone on (I was home to watch him for 2 days after).  On the 3rd day he was better behaved….I think he had worn himself (as well as me) out the previous day.  He is back to all normal activity now, and we’re all happy about that, especially the girls who didn’t understand why they couldn’t play with him!

Look at me, I'm fine, Mom!!

Look at me, I’m fine, Mom!!

Sheba missed me chewing on her ears.

Sheba missed me chewing on her ears.

Feeling mellow today!

Feeling mellow here!

Sheba says he's back to being a brat!

Sheba says he’s back to being a brat, hogging the ball again!

Mish Mash

We won a couple cool things recently that we wanted to say thank you for and share.


First is this toothbrush from Ann at Pawsitively Pets.   I want to be sure and start Luke off right with tooth brushing, because I wish I had done that with the girls when they were young….they want nothing to do with it now.  We haven’t gotten to any actual brushing with Luke yet, but I got some toothpaste which luckily he likes and he’s  “met” the toothbrush also and licked some paste off it.  Mostly I’ve just been spending a lot of time looking in his mouth at all his adult teeth coming in so he will get used to having me handling his mouth.  I like the shape of this toothbrush and think it will work great.



IMGP3248We also won this cookbook from Maggie at Oh My Dog!  What a fun idea to have recipes for both the dogs and humans!  It is also filled with great information such as what herbs and spices are safe and beneficial for dogs & humans, and what vitamins and minerals dogs need and the foods to find them in.  I love homemade soups and can’t wait to try the minestrone and classic chicken soup.  The recipes aren’t all long and complicated, many are basic and simple but sound yummy, like caramelized carrots and zucchini.  Also, there are very attractive photos of the food as well as adorable ones of dogs like this:




Did you see my review and giveaway of the Spring Natural treats last week?  It is open for a few more days so check it out here if you haven’t entered yet!


There are two important blog hops coming up this week for anyone that wants to join in or follow along.  On Tuesday, the Tuesday’s Tails hop where we share adoptable dogs is having a special hop for National Dog Fighting Awareness Day.  Join in by writing about dog fighting and featuring an adoptable Pit Bull (along with any other animals you’d like as well).  Please click here for more details on the hop.  The ASPCA started NDFAD to advance conversation on this important subject, and to encourage animal lovers to take action to help put an end to it.


Woof 2On Thursday of this week will be our 3rd WOOF (Working Out Our Fears) Support hop which we co-host along with Oz the Terrier and Roxy the Traveling Dog.  Everyone with a reactive or fearful dog is invited to the Facebook group, and anyone can write a post for the hop.  The theme for this month’s hop is “What I Love About My Reactive Dog”.  Non-bloggers are welcome to share a story in the Facebook group.  The hop is open from 12am on Thursday April 10th until 12pm on Sunday April 13th.  We’re looking forward to everyone’s posts!

We hope everyone has a great week!



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Happy Anniversary FitDog Friday!

Today is the one year anniversary of the FitDog Friday blog hop.  Be sure to visit SlimDoggy where they are giving away some great prizes as part of their celebration!


Move Your MuttFitDog Fridays have provided us with a lot of inspiration and motivation to “Get Off Your Butt, Workout With Your Mutt” - SlimDoggy’s slogan.  At the beginning of this year they also threw out a “Resolve to Move Your Mutt” challenge, and we made some resolutions for the new year.  The idea was that we could check in quarterly to see how we’re doing and get re-motivated if need be.

Cricket’s resolution was to work on her leash walking and reactivity.  We haven’t been walking much because of the awful winter we’ve been having, but we have been working on her reactivity by teaching her the “watch me” command.  We practice in the house and yard and I did take her for a walk last weekend on one of our rare nice days, and I think  she did great.  She hardly pulled on the leash at all on our way out, and we stopped every so often for her to “watch me” and get a treat, and I think she seemed a little more relaxed.  We ran into our neighbor down at the tree farm, and when Cricket didn’t recognize her at first we thought she was going to bark at her.  I gave her the command and a treat, she relaxed and then realized she knew this person and started wiggling and wagging her tail.  Our goal is to get her more relaxed on walks and I think we’re working towards that.


Sheba’s resolution was to work on her back legs, and I have to confess we didn’t do this much.  But when SlimDoggy posted their update on their resolutions a couple of weeks ago, it reminded  me and we started working on it.  We’ve been doing some training out in the yard when playing ball, so I added in some “squats” to help strengthen her back legs.  She sits, then stands and takes 2-3 steps forward and sits again.  Sheba has arthritis in her front shoulers so I think it’s important to strengthen her back legs.  Our beagle Kobi had very weak back legs as he aged and I want to avoid this in the other dogs.  Our next step is to get her a K9 FitVest to up the intensity of these exercises.


Luke’s resolution was to be a good student and learn lots of new things.  He is doing well!  Training is a part of our everyday routine with “sit”, “come”, and “stay” being our first focuses.  He does excellent with sit, is learning stay (the girls are great examples for him on both of those), but come is kind of hit or miss, depending on if he’s preoccupied with something else. He’s also started with ”watch me” a little bit also, and I want to add “leave it” very soon.  My hubby is taking him to obedience school starting the middle of the month, and that should really be great for him!


The snow games continue….Sheba likes to have all of the balls!

IMGP3211Other than all that, as you can see from the photos we are still playing in the snow a lot, but spring is on it’s way and we should be able to start a lot more walking, and running for Cricket.  Last weekend we were able to get the deck cleared of snow, and got out the agility tunnel again.  I threw the ball in once and that got Luke going through it several times again!

King of the hill!

King of the hill!

One other thing we’ve learned is that diet is just as important as exercise and we need to count the calories the dogs take in.  We had started measuring the dogs’ food but we were still a bit disorganized with three different types of containers (they all eat different food) and scoops of varying sizes.  My hubby does most of the feeding so he knows the system but when I do it one day a week I wasn’t always sure I was doing the exact right amounts.  So I came up with this:


Now there is only one measuring cup for all of the food and as you can see we have written on there how much they each get.  This will work great for the times we need to have a pet sitter also.  I feel so much better being more organized.  Now I just need to more closely calculate the treats they each get.  SlimDoggy had a great idea in one of their posts last week of making up “treat bags” for each day with a set number of treats in it.  I plan to start doing this, once I sit down and re-check calories on each.  We try to be conservative with doling out treats, and to use more low calorie ones but I’d like to do just a bit better.

We can also store their bowls and other supplies in the same cabinet.

We can also store their bowls and other supplies in the same cabinet.

That’s a wrap up of how we’ve been doing on our resolutions (a little better than I first thought!) and what we’ve been up to lately.  Now that our weather is changing I hope to have some new updates to share soon.  Enough with the snow photos already!  :)

Thank you to our blog hop hosts SlimDoggy, Peggy’s Pet Place, and To Dog With Love.  Please visit their sites and others through the links below, to learn more about keeping your dogs fit and happy!

Throwback Thursday – Symmetry

When sharing an old photo of the two girls on the couch as part of my Sunday post, our friend Dolly the Doxie suggested I share that for her Throwback Thursday blog hop this week.  That got me thinking of another photo which I used back when I first started the blog in September of 2012, and then led me to thinking back to the days when we had four dogs and four cats.

Christmas of 2004 my sister gave me two photo frames to display our crew at the time.  We had just brought Sheba and Moses home and that completed our perfect sets.


We now had four dogs:  two males, two females, two golden retrievers, two beagles; and four cats: two males and two females.  Some people, including my own family, thought we were kind of crazy to have that many pets.  It hadn’t really been planned that way.  Don Juan was getting older and we got the two female cats to keep Conrad company when Don was gone.  We had only planned to get one more cat but came home with two.  The same happened with the goldens, we had only planned to get one but came home with two.

These two girls were rarely seen cuddling after they were kittens; Katie bonded with Conrad much more and Sam is kind of a loner.

These two girls were rarely seen cuddling after they were kittens; Katie bonded with Conrad much more and Sam is kind of a loner.

Didn’t it work out nicely that we ended up with perfect symmetry, which is defined as “balance, proportion, and harmony”?  If you had asked me before I got thinking about this I would have told you that our symmetry lasted for quite a while.  It seemed like it was a long time that I was telling people we had four dogs and four cats.  Now, when looking back, I realized it wasn’t.  Don Juan died in March of 2005, so our symmetry only lasted just over 3 months.  We had gotten the two female felines in June of 2002, and our plan worked….they were now here to keep Conrad company.

Xmas 2006 3 cats

Don Juan was a great cat who got along with everyone.  Samantha is similar to him in that way, but she and Conrad, the two cats left now, are not close at all.  Conrad was extremely close with Katie, but you are more likely to see Sam with the dogs than with Conrad these days.

Don Juan loved everyone1

Don Juan loved everyone! On the right he is with our dog Maggie in 2001.

Katie and Conrad were super close......

Katie and Conrad were super close……

....but Sam and Conrad are rarely together except when they're eating.

….but Sam and Conrad are rarely together except when they’re eating.


Samantha loves  her she is with Kobi.

Samantha loves her dogs…here she is with Kobi.

Now we are a three dog, two cat household; we lost Katie to cancer in August 2011, Moses to cancer in June of 2013, and Kobi to old age just over a month ago.  Although there’s not a lot of symmetry going on anymore, and we miss those that are gone dearly, we can work with these numbers.  They still fill up the couch…..

My first blog header!

My first blog header!

Same location but different couch and one different character.

Same location but different couch and one different character.

…..and they still fill up the kitchen when getting treats!

January 2005.

January 2005.

Treats 2

From our latest treat review.



We are joining Dolly the Doxie for her Throwback Thursday blog hop!  Please visit her and others through the links below.  *Update – I neglected to name Dolly’s co-host DogThusiast, and needed to correct that.*

Spring Naturals Treat Review & Giveaway

Wow, two treat reviews in less than a week….the dogs are EXCITED!  They love this part of their job as my assistants.  This time we are also holding our own giveaway of a bag of treats!


We love the name of this company, because anything with the word “spring” in it is very appealing to us these days as we wait for the arrival of our own spring!  “Natural” also holds great connotations and this company lives up to their attractive name.

Spring Naturals was founded in 2011 with the philosophy (in their own words from their website) that they “believe that dogs and cats deserve the most nutritionally and functionally balanced foods and treats that will improve their life-long health and well-being. Our exclusive recipes will always be natural and based on our Whole Food Nutrition philosophy that a balanced blend of real meat, poultry or fish combined with whole vegetables, whole fruits and whole grains is a better way to nurture a pet than by using meat, poultry and fish meals. We also believe that dogs and cats fed on a diet consisting of low glycemic ingredients without added starches and carbohydrates lead longer, healthier lives. We think you’ll agree that this is a better way to feed your best friend.”

Their ingredients are all sourced in the USA, with no meat meals or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Their products also come with an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee.  It is a family owned business and their products are certified to be low glycemic and diabetic friendly.  They have been approved by the Whole Dog Journal, with some of their foods being on their top recommended list for 3 years in a row.  The company also provided us with this great infographic illustrating some of the healthy ingredients they use:



All right, the dogs want me to get to the bottom line here:  they love these treats!  We were given two bags of grain free treats, one to sample and one to give away.  We tried the 95% turkey treats, and they were a hit.





The treats come in varying sizes, but they are easy to break apart into smaller pieces for training.




Spring Naturals has a line of whole grain as well as grain free products for both dogs and cats.  You can visit them here:

ActionThey are also running a program called “Spring Into Action” where you can nominate your “everyday hero who springs into action to help animals”.  They could win $4000 worth of product for themselves and $1000 for their favorite shelter!



We have a bag of grain free 95% beef treats to give away to one lucky winner!  Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter.  The contest will remain open until Midnight EST on Friday April 11th.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: We received two complimentary bags of treats, but we were in no other way compensated for this review.  Wag ‘n Woof Pets only shares products we feel will be of interest to our readers, and we are always honest in our reviews.* Tasty Tues badge  


We are joining the Tasty Tuesday blog hop.  Thank you to our hosts Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol’s Notes.

Black & White Sunday – Watching & Waiting


Over a year ago, I posted a photo called “Waiting” showing Cricket and Sheba on the office couch waiting for Daddy to come home.  Some things have changed since then….we got a new couch, and Cricket has a new partner on top of the couch to keep an eye out.




It took Luke a while before he could even get up on the couch, which he was quite excited to accomplish, and then the next goal was to get up on the back.



After all, he has to help his sister keep an eye on things.  Cricket wasn’t happy at first to have her space invaded, but eventually they settled into their own spots up there, and now they are both happy.


When Daddy is home, or nothing is going on outside, there might be some shifts in location as well as some sleeping on the job.


Someone is going to have to break it to Luke that he is growing like a weed, and he might get too big to lay up there anymore!  Somehow, I’m thinking he’ll find a way.  We’ll get back to you on that down the road.


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