Dry Or Natural Dog Food-The Pros And Cons

What to give, dry or natural dog food? This issue should be decided for yourself only by the specific owner of the four-legged. Both methods of feeding have both supporters and opponents.

I propose to analyze all the pros and cons of one and the other way of feeding. If you do not agree with something or would like to supplement this material, please express your opinions in the comments to this article

Dry food


Here are some of them:

  • The great advantage of dry food is that there is no need to cook.
  • It is not necessary to calculate the volume of a single serving, as daily feeding rate calculated and indicated on the package.
  • The food is balanced and there is no need to buy additional vitamins.
  • A huge variety of feeds allows you to choose an individual menu based on the age, lifestyle and health of the animal.
  • If you travel often, it’s easy to take dry food with you on the go.
  • A little cheaper than natural.

If you are interested in the financial side of the issue, then I conducted a detailed analysis of the monetary component of one and the other feeding method. You can read more about this and find out the cheaper it is to feed a dog.


The following can be noted:

  • You do not know for sure what dry food is made of, and whether the natural products indicated on the packaging are actually present there.
  • Improperly selected food can cause allergies.
  • Cheap economy-class food instead of meat contains soy or is made from poor quality offal, which can cause serious illness in animals.
  • Food is produced at high temperatures, which contributes to the destruction of the vitamins of products used for its preparation.
  • Dry feed contains emulsifiers and preservatives that can cause allergies and diseases in the animal, but contribute to the long-term storage of the feed.
  • Violation of storage and transportation conditions before appearing on store shelves may adversely affect the quality of dry food.

And now, in order to make it easier to decide whether to give dry or natural food to your dog, let’s move on to the pros and cons of natural feeding.

Natural nutrition


We see 5 of the following positive points:

  • You know exactly how you feed your pet and choose the quality of the products yourself.
  • Food does not contain preservatives, emulsifiers and artificial colors.
  • If you have an allergy in your pet, you can easily replace one product with another.
  • The presence in the diet of natural protein, fiber, fats and carbohydrates.
  • A happy and contented animal.


There are such difficulties:

  • You will spend time cooking.
  • You yourself need to choose the right balanced diet so that your dog receives all the necessary trace elements.
  • For natural feeding, it is recommended to additionally add vitamin-mineral supplements.
  • When using natural feeding it is more problematic to travel with a dog, since you will need to specifically look for a hotel where you can cook your own food for your pet.
  • Natural food is more expensive than dry food (although this is also a controversial matter, because buying high-quality dry food, you will spend about the same amount of money as you would for natural products). Read my comparative analysis of the cost of feeding dry and natural feed.

Today I tried to tell in detail about all the pros and cons of one and the other way of feeding. Now the choice is yours. The main thing is that your four-legged pet is happy and healthy. Take care of your pets!

Dry food VS natural. findings

This is important: veterinarians recall that using a mixed type of food is strongly discouraged. Disruptions in the digestive system will be only the first “sign” on the path to the development of more serious diseases.

It is difficult to unambiguously evaluate which food will be more beneficial for the dog. If the breeder chooses a high-quality ready-made diet or prefers to create a complete feed, then the benefits of such a decision will be the same.

And the purchase of low-quality products or pellets of economy class is quite capable of causing more harm than good. Only a thoughtful approach to determining the diet of your own pet allows you to choose the best type of food for each dog!

If the owner seeks to maintain the health of the animal and extend the period of his active life, then do not save on feeding. The right diet will be the key to longevity. And it does not matter, natural feed or a ready-made menu was chosen as its basis!