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This is a 4 oz. candle with approximately 15 hours of burn time according to our tests. It comes in either plain Lemongrass Scent or Lemongrass with dried Lemon Thyme from our herb garden.

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Our beeswax candles are lightly scented with essential oils and our own dried herbs. The scent is subtle for those that don’t want overpowering strong aromas filling their whole house. Rather, you’ll walk by and get a pleasant whiff while enjoying the flickering light. Beeswax candles work to purify the air by reducing dust, dander, and mold particles that pollute it. Beeswax burns hot, so we add coconut oil to slow it down and give a longer burn time.

More scents coming soon!

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Candle Scent

Lemongrass, Lemongrass & Lemon Thyme


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