Dog Tired Sugar Scrub


Our sugar scrubs are handmade in small batches here on the farm, using simple and natural sugars and oil. They are made to exfoliate and moisturize work-weary and dry skin. Each container is 4 oz size and currently comes in three different scents to coordinate with our hand and body butters.

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Ingredients: Demerara cane sugar, white sugar, organic coconut oil, essential oils.

Suggestions for use: Take a small amount of scrub with a spoon, rub between hands to soften, then spread on hands, feet, or wherever you need to exfoliate. Let sit or rinse imediately with warm water; some oil will be left behind on skin for moisture.

Notes: Coconut oil will harden when in cool temperatures, so store sugar scrubs in a warm place if possible. If not, you can microwave for about 5 seconds, or rub into hands and it will soften, with or without some warm water. Shake before using if stored warmly.

Caution: Not recommended for use in shower, as oils can be left behind leaving the shower floor slippery. Please use care if doing so.


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